Fabia Hatch19,990

The third-generation ŠKODA Fabia is more dynamic and more expressive. It's stylish and economical – the new Fabia is designed with passion. We’ve returned to our roots, proving that emotion and incredible functionality complement each other perfectly. The result, a fresh and modern small car that is sure to steal attention. The new Fabia is available in the ambition trim level. From just $19,990*.



New Fabia in facts

A young, crisp, urban small car
- Expressive, modern and dynamic
- New, fresh interior concept
- Added width flatter body, harmonious proportions

- Fuel : 4.7 l/100km
- CO2 : 107 g/km
- Luggage : 305 l / 1125 l









We respect the individual needs and requirements of all of our customers and we do our best to accommodate them. And that is precisely why we have left the most important aspect – how your car is going to look – entirely up to you and your imagination.

The new ŠKODA Fabia will be available in 15 body colours. ColourConcept can be used to select varying combinations for the roof, the A-pillars, the side-mirror housing, and 16” Beam alloy wheels. Four combination colours are available: white, red, silver and black.

Altogether, we are offering 38 colour combinations, including a choice of two interior colour schemes. Discover yours.


The ŠKODA Fabia offers plenty of room for passengers and their luggage. The passenger compartment is a little longer and wider than before, and the driver and front passenger also have more headroom.

The luggage compartment has a capacity of 305 litres and is the largest in the segment. Even so, the ŠKODA Fabia’s compact dimensions mean that it has retained its agility in everyday traffic.


The Fabia comes with new-generation petrol engines, combining driving pleasure and environmental values. These advanced power units deliver between 66 and 81 kW, yet consume a mere 5.8 to 6.0 litres per 100 km.


The ŠKODA Fabia is the first ŠKODA to use SmartLink, delivering an elegant connection between car and smartphone. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all of this is mirrored on the central display.

SmartLink installed in the Bolero infotainment system allows compatible smartphones to display and control applications on-screen.

Simply Clever

Wherever you look, you will find useful storage options, including clever compartments and ingenious holders. The net pockets on the sides of the front seats are great for storing small items.

Safety Assistants

The Fabia has adopted a clear stance on passenger and pedestrian safety. As a result, you will find on-board safety components that are usually the domain of cars in higher segments.

All Fabias are fitted with an enhanced electronic differential lock function XDS+, ensuring safer handling when the car negotiates bends.

The automatic-braking Front Assistant is another on-board guardian angel. It works with you to keep an eye on what is happening in front of the vehicle and can alert you to any impending danger. It is able to apply the brakes itself, thus mitigating the consequences of an accident or even averting one altogether.

The Fabia’s Speedlimiter safety feature is taking its bow in a ŠKODA car. As the name suggests, the Speedlimiter will not let the driver go faster than the set speed.
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  • Price list
    • 1.2 TSI/55 kW 5-speed Manual 19,990
      • 66 kW
      • 4.8 l/100km
      • 107 g/km
    • 1.2 TSI/81 kW 7-speed DSG 25,390
      • 81 kW
      • 4.7 l/100km
      • 109 g/km
    • 1.2 TSI/70 kW 5-speed Manual 20,990
      • 66 kW
      • 4.7 l/100km
      • 107 g/km
    • 1.2 TSI/81 kW 7-speed DSG 27,990
      • 81 kW
      • 4.7 l/100km
      • 109 g/km
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