Rapid Spaceback27,590
Rapid Spaceback
With lots of space, numerous ‘Simply Clever’ features, intelligent safety systems and low fuel consumption figures the new ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is sure to impress.

The exterior of the new Rapid Spaceback exudes a dynamic elegance and features a new longer rear window design, which gives the car a sportier, stretched look, despite being 18cm shorter than the Rapid model.
It has a hatchback body style with class-leading interior space and is outstanding value for money, with prices starting from just $27,590.
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    Ambition The more ambitious version is characterised by the Ambition interior in black or black/grey colour. It is equipped with chrome details.
    • 1.4 TSI (7° A) 30,490
      • 92 kW
      • 5.2 l/100km
      • 134 g/km
    • 1.2 TSI (7° A) 27,590
      • 66 kW
      • 4.6 l/100km
      • 119 g/km
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