• Fabia
      • Fabia Hatch
        Fabia Hatch from  19,990
        A small car with plenty of attitude
        • ​Smartphone connectivity via SmartLink
        • ​New, fresh interior concept
        • ​The next step in ŠKODA’s design concept
        • till305l /1125l
        • from4.4l/100km
        • from107g/km
      • Fabia Wagon
        Fabia Wagon from  27,990
        Your partner for every situation
        • Powerful and efficient 81kW engines
        • Curtain airbags & 5 Star NCAP rating
        • ​Up to 1,370 litres of boot space
        • till505l /1370l
        • from4.6l/100km
        • from110g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid from  27,590
        A compact liftback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • ​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant
        • Hatchback body style with fantastic interior space
        • Powerful, but economical engines ranging from 77 kW to 90 kW
        • till530l /1470l
        • from4.5l/100km
        • from118g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        Octavia from  36,990
        Business pleasure
        • ​​Clear, precise and timeless design
        • ​Innovative comfort and driver assistance systems
        • Powerful and efficient engines​
        • till590l /1580l
        • from3.9l/100km
        • from4g/km
      • Octavia RS
        Octavia RS from  49,990
        The fastest Octavia ever
        • Top speed 250 km/h​
        • 2.0 TSI/169 kW and 2.0 TDI/135 engines​
        • Sporty, roomy, fuctional in perfect balance
        • till590l /1580l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from134g/km
      • Octavia Wagon
        Octavia Wagon from  38,990
        Business pleasure
        • ​​Class-leading ​legroom and 610 litres of luggage space
        • ​Wide range of 'Simply Clever' solutions
        • Innovative safety, comfort and driver assistant systems​
        • till610l /1740l
        • from4l/100km
        • from103g/km
      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout from  46,890
        A rugged off-roader with supreme handling in harsh conditions
        • Rough road package for under-body protection
        • 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating
        • Available in 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TDI engines
        • till588l /1718l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from121g/km
      • Octavia RS Wagon
        Octavia RS Wagon from  51,890
        Racing power and a sporty interior in a practical car
        • Innovative progressive steering
        • 2.0 TSI/169​ kW and 2.0 TDI/135 kW engines
        • Sporty, roomy and functional - all in perfect balance
        • till610l /1740l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from134g/km
  • Karoq
      • Karoq
        Karoq from  38,990
        The new compact SUV with character
        • ​Full LED headlights
        • ​Off-road mode, state-of-the-art technology
        • Spacious and variable interior thanks to VarioFlex rear seats
        • till521l /1630l
        • from5.2l/100km
  • Superb
      • Superb Sedan
        Superb Sedan from  47,490
        The best space and comfort in its class
        • ​A spacious giant with the largest interior and boot of its class
        • ​ Powerful yet thrifty engines up to 206kW
        • ​Many innovative safety and comfort assist systems
        • till584l /1719l
        • from4.9l/100km
        • from129g/km
      • Superb Wagon
        Superb Wagon from  50,490
        Exceptionally elegant and spacious with advanced technology
        • ​ The most spacious, luxurious ŠKODA yet
        • ​New-generation, low emission TSI and TDI engines
        • ​Maximum comfort with the Dynamic Chassis Control
        • till619l /1909l
        • from5.8l/100km
        • from130g/km
  • Kodiaq
      • Kodiaq
        Kodiaq from  42,990
        • ​Our first car to offer seven seats
        • ​Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​
        • till720l /2065l
        • from5.7l/100km
        • from149g/km
      • Kodiaq Sportline
        Kodiaq Sportline from  62,990
        Kodiaq Sportline
        • ​Our first car to offer seven seats

        • Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​
        • till270l /2065l
        • from5.7l/100km
        • from151g/km

The New ŠKODA Superb - Safety

from 47,490

Top 5-star rating for the new ŠKODA Superb

The new ŠKODA Superb has been awarded with the maximum 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests. Euro NCAP confirms the outstanding safety standard of the new ŠKODA top model. The latest Euro NCAP top result also shows the high safety standard of the entire ŠKODA model range: in the course of their respective market launches, all current model lines of the manufacturer have been awarded with the maximum 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests.

Who protects you on your way?

A whole phalanx of new assistance systems previously the domain of higher vehicle classes is available for your enhanced safety. The new ŠKODA Superb is fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), including a Multi-Collision Brake as standard.

The following safety features are fitted as standard: Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring, seven airbags, and XDS+, an advanced electronic differential lock function.

Read on to get the lowdown on a whole range of innovative assist systems devised for your travel safety.

Driver Alert
(fatigue detection)

Driver Alert reduces the risk of a fatigue-induced emergency situation.

By monitoring driver behaviour, the system assesses the degree of driver fatigue and, if necessary, warns of the need for a rest and break in the journey.

The electromechanical power steering transmits information about steering wheel movements to the control unit. It compares this information with overall driving behaviour and with pre-defined characteristics of drowsy driver behaviour.​

Front Assist

Front Assist is a safety system that warns of the danger of collision, and in case of an unavoidable collision applies the brakes in an attempt to minimise the consequences.

Front Assist works with a radar sensor integrated into the radiator grille, constantly monitoring the distance from the traffic ahead.

If the gap becomes too small or a collision is impending and the driver fails to react, the system automatically intervenes at one of four levels:

  • a visual alert that the statutory safe distance has been exceeded,
  • an acoustic and visual warning signal,
  • an automatic jolt of the brakes,
  • automatic braking to avoid a collision or reduce the severity
    of the accident.

Blind Spot Detect

Blind Spot Detect helps the driver to change lanes safely by registering any vehicles in the blind spot.*

Two radar sensors located in the lower part of the rear bumper monitor the area beside and up to 20 metres behind the ŠKODA Superb.

When the system detects vehicles in the blind spot next to the car or approaching from behind, an LED symbol in the wing mirror lights up to alert the driver. If the driver indicates in the direction of the detected vehicle, the LED starts to flash, indicating the possible danger to the driver.

Blind Spot Detect is active from 10 km/h up to the vehicle’s top speed.


*Some of the specifications might be optional.

Crew Protect Assist

This feature coordinates the activities of the onboard systems to minimise emergency traffic situations.

The new ŠKODA Superb incorporates two levels of Crew Protect Assist, depending on the other features installed in the car:

  • The entry-level system pre-tensions the front seat belts in the event of unstable driving situations, such as severe over- or understeering, and also engages with the ESC to close the side windows and sunroof almost fully in order to prevent foreign objects from entering the vehicle.
  • The higher-level system works with the front radar. This Crew Protect Assist - Front can provide anticipative reactions using the Adaptive Cruise Control’s front sensors.

Lane Assist

The feature can tell when a driver strays
from a lane unintentionally. The system is active at speeds above 65 km/h, on condition that there are recognisable lane markings on the road and the indicator has not been turned on prior to crossing a marking.*
*Some of the specifications might be optional.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This system provides more safety and comfort in heavy traffic and on extended travel.

The Adaptive Cruise Control not only maintains a set speed, but using built-in radar, also the separation from the vehicle in front of you. Your car thus speeds up or slows down as needed, making driving simpler and more comfortable. This function is especially useful when driving on freeways or highways. It also helps reduce the risk of accidents due to inattention. However, its main benefit is greater driving comfort, as both feet can rest during long trips.

The main component of the system is the radar located in the lower part of the front bumper.

The adaptive cruise control works up to speeds of 160km/h.


Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist intervenes if the driver becomes incapacitated.

If no steering wheel movement or other driver activity is detected for a defined amount of time, a warning signal sounds. If the driver fails to react, the system initiates a short swerve. If there is still no reaction from the driver, the vehicle is automatically brought to a complete standstill, while the hazard lights are automatically activated.

Emergency Assist works in combination with the automatic DSG transmission, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist.

ESC with Multicollision Brake

If a car is involved in an accident and the airbags are
activated, it could remain in motion and cause another accident…

Traffic safety research analyses the causes, circumstances and course of various road accidents. The findings are useful in developing the active and passive safety features of ŠKODA vehicles.

… which is where the Multicollision Brake comes in, bringing
the vehicle to a standstill to prevent a pile-up.

In the new Superb, the ESC incorporates a multicollision brake,
a safety feature which activates the braking system after
a collision to prevent further damage.


As the name suggests, this feature limits the maximum speed of the vehicle.

Drivers can set a top speed of between 30 and 210 km/h and keep their eyes on the road.

Unlike cruise control, which maintains a set speed, the Speedlimiter allows the driver to travel at any speed up to, but not more than, the predefined value.

For safety reasons, this feature is temporarily disabled during kick-down (when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed).​

Top lighting systems for optimum
"see and be seen"

The visibility of a vehicle plays a central role in road traffic
safety. Innovative lighting systems guarantee optimum "see
and be seen" for the new ŠKODA Superb. The front headlights
are fitted with halogen or bi-xenon technology, including the
Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS) and LED daytime running

*Some of the specifications might be optional.

A masking function for the high beam has been introduced for the first time. Striking LED lights adorn the rear of the new Superb as standard and there are two reflectors on each side of the rear bumper.

The bi-xenon headlights with AFS optimise the illumination of the road and surroundings in line with the driving and weather conditions and adapt to different traffic situations.*

*Some of the specifications might be optional.

Airbags and impact protection

Up to nine airbags, delivering finely-tuned interaction with the three-point automatic seat belts and safety head restraints, protect the driver and passengers from injury.
​Front-door safety lights
​A subtle detail to help you leave your car safely. Every time you open the front doors, the safety reflectors or lights warn other traffic participants that you are about to step out of your car, so you can rest assured they will avoid you and your car door.
Up to 9 airbags
The main purpose of airbags, in tandem with the seat belts, is to prevent the occupants’ bodies from coming into contact with any rigid parts of the car, or at least to minimise the consequences of any such contact.
Front airbags
The driver is protected by a front airbag mounted in the steering wheel. The front passenger’s front airbag, with a deactivation feature, is located in the dashboard.
Knee airbag for the driver

The driver’s knee airbag, mounted in the lower part of the dashboard under the steering wheel column, is designed to protect the driver’s legs in case of frontal impact.

Side airbags – front
Side airbags in the front seats protect the thorax and pelvis of both the driver and passenger in case of a side impact.
Side airbags – rear
Backseat passengers also benefit from the protection afforded by side airbags.
Curtain airbags
Curtain airbags cover the window area and the car’s inner structure from the A-pillar to the C-pillar. They protect the heads of occupants in both the front and rear seats, thus guaranteeing maximum safety.
Isofix anchoring points
Rear-seat Isofix anchoring points enable child seats to be installed better in the vehicle and provide better attachment to the car’s body. Isofix anchoring points may also be fitted on the front passenger seat. Further anchoring points in the luggage compartment can be used to install a child seat using the TopTether system.

Other safety features

The New ŠKODA Superb is all about safety without compromise. Besides the safety systems already described, the following features are available as standard or as an option for the Superb:

ABS keeps the wheels from locking during emergency braking or when braking on slippery surfaces.
By increasing the braking pressure, the braking assist helps drivers in situations in which emergency braking is necessary. This can lead to a significant reduction in the braking distance required.
MSR counters the locking action of the driving wheels, which can occur when the driver decelerates on a smooth surface.
The ASR ensures smooth starting and acceleration without the wheels spinning on slippery surfaces.
EDL helps when accelerating or driving uphill with low traction under one of the driven wheels.

XDS+ helps the driver during sharp turns and ensures that the vehicle behaves neutrally during dynamic cornering. The control electronics essentially simulate the presence of a self-locking differential to improve traction and driving dynamics during turns. As a result, the vehicle will take bends much more assuredly and naturally than before.
Tyre pressure monitoring keeps the driver informed of the tyre pressure at all times.
The optional hill-hold control helps drivers to start uphill safely. The system activates itself on inclines of five degrees or more and ensures easy and safe uphill starting without the use of the handbrake. The system keeps the car from rolling backwards or stalling.
Flashing brake lights reduce the risk of rear-end impact, especially when approaching traffic jams on highways or braking suddenly in front of an unexpected obstacle.