• Fabia
      • Fabia Hatch
        Fabia Hatch from  19,990
        A small car with plenty of attitude
        • ​Smartphone connectivity via SmartLink
        • ​New, fresh interior concept
        • ​The next step in ŠKODA’s design concept
        • till305l /1125l
        • from4.4l/100km
        • from107g/km
      • Fabia Wagon
        Fabia Wagon from  27,990
        Your partner for every situation
        • Powerful and efficient 81kW engines
        • Curtain airbags & 5 Star NCAP rating
        • ​Up to 1,370 litres of boot space
        • till505l /1370l
        • from4.6l/100km
        • from110g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid from  27,590
        A compact liftback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • ​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant
        • Hatchback body style with fantastic interior space
        • Powerful, but economical engines ranging from 77 kW to 90 kW
        • till530l /1470l
        • from4.5l/100km
        • from118g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        Octavia from  36,990
        Business pleasure
        • ​​Clear, precise and timeless design
        • ​Innovative comfort and driver assistance systems
        • Powerful and efficient engines​
        • till590l /1580l
        • from3.9l/100km
        • from4g/km
      • Octavia RS
        Octavia RS from  49,990
        The fastest Octavia ever
        • Top speed 250 km/h​
        • 2.0 TSI/169 kW and 2.0 TDI/135 engines​
        • Sporty, roomy, fuctional in perfect balance
        • till590l /1580l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from134g/km
      • Octavia Wagon
        Octavia Wagon from  38,990
        Business pleasure
        • ​​Class-leading ​legroom and 610 litres of luggage space
        • ​Wide range of 'Simply Clever' solutions
        • Innovative safety, comfort and driver assistant systems​
        • till610l /1740l
        • from4l/100km
        • from103g/km
      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout from  46,890
        A rugged off-roader with supreme handling in harsh conditions
        • Rough road package for under-body protection
        • 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating
        • Available in 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TDI engines
        • till588l /1718l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from121g/km
      • Octavia RS Wagon
        Octavia RS Wagon from  51,890
        Racing power and a sporty interior in a practical car
        • Innovative progressive steering
        • 2.0 TSI/169​ kW and 2.0 TDI/135 kW engines
        • Sporty, roomy and functional - all in perfect balance
        • till610l /1740l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from134g/km
  • Karoq
      • Karoq
        Karoq from  38,990
        The new compact SUV with character
        • ​Full LED headlights
        • ​Off-road mode, state-of-the-art technology
        • Spacious and variable interior thanks to VarioFlex rear seats
        • till521l /1630l
        • from5.2l/100km
  • Superb
      • Superb Sedan
        Superb Sedan from  47,490
        The best space and comfort in its class
        • ​A spacious giant with the largest interior and boot of its class
        • ​ Powerful yet thrifty engines up to 206kW
        • ​Many innovative safety and comfort assist systems
        • till584l /1719l
        • from4.9l/100km
        • from129g/km
      • Superb Wagon
        Superb Wagon from  50,490
        Exceptionally elegant and spacious with advanced technology
        • ​ The most spacious, luxurious ŠKODA yet
        • ​New-generation, low emission TSI and TDI engines
        • ​Maximum comfort with the Dynamic Chassis Control
        • till619l /1909l
        • from5.8l/100km
        • from130g/km
  • Kodiaq
      • Kodiaq
        Kodiaq from  42,990
        • ​Our first car to offer seven seats
        • ​Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​
        • till720l /2065l
        • from5.7l/100km
        • from149g/km
      • Kodiaq Sportline
        Kodiaq Sportline from  62,990
        Kodiaq Sportline
        • ​Our first car to offer seven seats

        • Design, space, functionality and connectivity​​ combined
        • Best large SUV - WhatCar? Car of the Year 2017 awards​
        • till270l /2065l
        • from5.7l/100km
        • from151g/km

Big on Space and Value

​Written By Kyle Cassidy for the magazine NZ Autocar.
​Just how far can these modular platforms be stretched? It's hard to fathom that cars from micro minis to large family wagons could spring from a single chassis concept, but it's true. Well, sort of. VW's MQB platform is really one clever construction concept that saves money and build time thanks to its commonality across the most complex part of the chassis, that being the bits up front. Common to all MQB cars is the relationship between the axle line, engine placement and pedal box, but the rest can be fairly variable. It replaces three previous platform concepts and currently the largest car built off it is the new Superb. But still it's hard to comprehend that something this big could in any way be related to the Golf.

Also difficult to digest is the weight savings of the MQB build strategy; this big Superb is remarkably light on its rubber feet, weighing just under 1500kg. And that helps deliver more of the good stuff in performance and economy terms, and also the sub-$50k price of this well specified TSI132 entry model.

Some weren't too kind about the styling of the new Superb. 'You should have seen the old one,' I said, but we reckon the big Skoda is much improved, with reduced overhangs, a stronger character line, and a tidier nose. Overall, new Superb is only a little longer, but there's some 80mm added between the wheels to benefit mainly luggage space, something you can never have enough of in a wagon. The cargo hold now measures 619L under the cover, and even more if you jam everything up to the roofline. The space is long, deep and wide but the load bay covers are bulky, and best removed if piling lots of stuff in. While the seat folds 60/40, a 40/20/40 arrangement would have been preferable, and one that folded completely flat too. There's still oodles of leg stretching space in the rear.

The new car is 50mm wider too, which gives everyone a little more elbow room.

Cabin finishing is first rate, with a wealth of soft plastics, piano black detailing (though it tends to highlight fingerprints) and suede and leather trim. The touch screen infotainment system is easily navigable, quick to respond and, paired with a useful trip computer, they provide everything you really need. For those doing plenty of miles, the seat comfort and support are about right, with just enough adjustment (electric too) to help find a good driving position.

Also making it more agreeable is the Superb's genuinely downy ride quality which is great for main road cruising.

However, it's too slow in the rebound and so it can get floaty on bumpy back roads.

The steering, other than being somewhat light, directs the front around smartly and while the Superb is not exactly nimble it doesn't mind switching directions, though there's a fair degree of accompanying roll.

But on the main highway, with the cruise set, this eats up miles in a very relaxed fashion. And it's quiet too with minimal road noise and hardly a peep from the engine.

While we couldn't meet the claims for the Superb, a sub nine-second run to lOOkm/h is acceptable, especially given it returned 7.0L/ 100km on a trip fully laden from the big

smoke to Taupo and back, with plenty of holiday traffic to contend with. We are not sure how they get 5.81./ 100km for an overall average however, and nines are more likely in urban trawling, but still it's fairly economical for such a big car.

The 1.8 turbopetrol gives up 132kW with 250Nm and although the seven-speed twinclutch is intent on hooking tall gears quickly, there's enough low down torque to satisfy. It almost seems resistant to use first gear too; within a second or two from standstill it's into second and within a few hundred metres you'll be in fifth gear, happily churning along at 50km/h with 1500rpm on board. It likes to hold gears too - kickdown seems to be a dirty word - and so sometimes it can feel a bit lazy, feeling underwhelming as a result but overall we felt the 1.8 does well enough, and will get busy if you bury the throttle.

The stop/start mechanism, like most of the VW stuff, is a little harsh in operation but the transmission is slick, except during low-speed manoeuvring. There are no drive modes or shift paddles for this model but it's not really that sort of car and they're not missed. You'll need to go for the higher-spec 4x4 diesel and petrol models if you're after that stuff.

At the same spec level, there is a 2.0-litre 110kW/350Nm diesel but it carries a $3000 premium and further up is the $58,900 140kW/400Nm diesel with AWD. The top 206kW 2.0-litre turbopetrol AWD costs $63,900. The wagon carries a $3000 premium over the sedan which is more of a hatchback but whatever.

While blind spot monitoring, smart key and adaptive cruise are all cost options, this model comes with plenty of safety gizmos, including air bags, ESC, autonomous emergency braking and front and rear sensors with a reversing camera. Even the tailgate is powered. It's fairly outstanding value this Superb, especially considering it's only $300 more than the base model A Class from Mercedes-Benz, which could just about fit in the boot. - Kyle Cassidy EC

Speedo error 96 at an indicated lOOkm/h Claimed fuel use 5.8Lyi00km" C02output 130g/km Ambient cabin noise 72.8dB@100km/h Engine capacity 1798cc Engine format IL4/DI/T/transverse Max power 132kW@510Q-62Q0rpm" Max torque 250Nm@1250-5000rpm Specific output 73 4kW/L Weight-to-power 11.3kg/kW Bore x stroke 82.5mm x 84,1mm Compression ratio 9.611 Cylinder head dohc/16v/wt Gearbox 7-speed twin-clutch__ Drivetrain front-wheel drive Front suspension Mac strut, sway bar Rear suspension multilink, sway_bar_ Turning circle 11.7m (2.7 turns) Front brakes ventilated discs Rear brakes discs Stability systems ABS/ESP/TC/AEB Tyre size 235/45 R18 Tyres Pirelli Cintuato Wheeibase 2841mm L/W/H 4856/1864/1477mm Track f-1584, r-1572mm Drag coefficient 0.28Cd Fuel capacity 66L Luggage capacity 616-19091 Weight (full tank) 1497kg Weight distribution 57.1/42.9% (front/rear) Corner weights 342 414 I J.

307 432 Verdict Hard to go past the superb value on offer here. Space aplenty for passengers and cargo, while refinement is sound. Looks much improved too.