Rapid Reviews


Highest customer satisfaction: Two ŠKODA models win J.D. Power Award in Germany

"The ŠKODA Fabia and Rapid models make the drivers in the small and compact segment the happiest in Germany."
AA Motoring

ŠKODA Rapid 2018 Car Review

"What you get here is a smart and sporty-looking exterior - the Sport gets a pack that includes a panoramic sunroof and blinds and 17-inch black alloy wheels."
Verve magazine

Rapid by name

"From top to bottom, the new ŠKODA Rapid has been given a thorough going over by their design, tech and safety teams and the result is rather satisfying."
NZ Autocar

ŠKODA Rapid Sport - Rapid Recovery?

"Not bad then, and nor is the way it drives, the ride never drawing attention to itself, the handling tidy without torque steer. It feels breezy on the go, a sensation enhanced by light steering."

ŠKODA Rapid aiming higher

"It’s curbing the desire of SUV-seekers by rekindling our interest in lower-riding five-doors that not only offer better fuel efficiency but also increased stability."
AutoCar UK

ŠKODA Rapid review

"The ŠKODA Rapid shows impressive levels of space and good performance and economy for its price."
Auto Express

ŠKODA Rapid review

"The spacious Rapid is hard to beat in its class for practicality, and comfort is decent too."