Which is better? 4 wheels or 2? In the world of ŠKODA, the answer is both.

When co-founder Vaclav Klement bought a bicycle from a German manufacturer which broke shortly afterwards, he teamed up with bike mechanic Vaclav Laurin, and they began producing their own bicycles. Cycling has remained important to us since that day and we've honoured that heritage ever since.

From the production of motorbikes in 1899, Laurin and Klement built their very first car in 1905 - The Voiturette A which could reach speeds of 25mph (which was very impressive at the time!) A merger with ŠKODA Works, a large industrial company, in 1924 saw the ŠKODA name appear on an automobile for the very first time.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


It's an awesome feeling being part of a cycling race and one that ŠKODA knows so well - Join Team ŠKODA, a home for anyone who loves to cycle no matter what your cycling level is.

Team ŠKODA Fruzio

Team ŠKODA Fruzio is a New Zealand domestic based cycling team focused on achieving results at a national level and providing a development pathway for leading U23 and junior riders.

Founded in 2011, the team has built a reputation as arguably the leading domestic team in the country. Led by Brad Tilby and Scott Fairbairn, the team prides themselves on developing junior talent and setting them up for for higher honours overseas.

Team ŠKODA Facebook Group

Our home of cycling content, where Team ŠKODA members can ask our friendly ŠKODA Helper their everyday cycling questions. Find infographics and videos of our Cycling Ambassadors passing on their wealth of experience