Driven by passion


Škoda has long been a patron of sports. We were born on two wheels and we’ve loved cycling ever since, supporting not only the major professional events such as Tour de France and La Vuelta but caring about leisure and semi-professional riders, too.

Not long after the company was born, in 1901 we fell for motorsport and 2017 marked our third champion title in World Rally Championship 2.

Last but not least, we can claim that ice hockey truly is our game. We hold Guinness World Record for the "longest lasting main sponsorship of a world championship in the history of sports".

Ben Hunt Motorsport

Škoda New Zealand is excited to continue our partnership with Auckland-based rally driver, Ben Hunt, and his co-driver Tony Rawstorn, as the Škoda NZ rally team enters its third year.

This year, Hunt and Rawstorn will take a new look Fabia R5 to the track, competing in all 6 rounds of the NZRC, starting this weekend with round 1 in Central Otago.

Škoda Motorsport dates back to the very beginning of the brand, and since 1901 has been an integral part of Skoda’s DNA. The long-lasting tradition of motorsport at Škoda Auto is something Škoda NZ is proud to be supporting at a local level.


The first vehicle to ever come out of the Škoda factory was, in fact, a bicycle - and we've loved cycling ever since. Besides being a partner to Tour de France, Vuelta España and several professional cycling teams internationally, closer to home we are the proud sponsors of Cycling New Zealand Schools.

Škoda NZ also actively shares our passion for cycling through Team Škoda. A home for anyone who loves to cycle or who fancies a ride once in a while.


Škoda has been involved in motorsport since 1901 and has won titles all around the world in a range of vehicles. Our mission in upcoming yeas is to continue the development of winning machines. This year, though, we are proudly celebrating 120 years of Škoda Motorsport. 

Ice hockey

Škoda has been sponsoring the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship since 1992 and was awarded a GUINNESS World Record, for the "longest lasting main sponsorship of a world championship in the history of sports“. The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is the most important annual winter sport event.