Škoda Recall Campaigns

Mechatronics Unit

Škoda auto has established that vehicles with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, may over time, not continue to meet required production standards. For safety reasons, we need to undertake an inspection of this mechatronics component to ascertain if this may be affected, and consequently requires replacement. The work required will take approximately 4hrs and will be performed free of charge.

Takata Airbag

Takata company has advised that on affected Škoda vehicles from a certain production period there is a possibility that the gas generator cover could be damaged when the driver’s airbag is activated. This could lead to metal parts coming loose from the cover and injuring occupants of the car. For safety reasons, it is necessary to replace the driver’s airbag in your vehicle.

Heat Protection Mat

Škoda Auto has identified a potential issue with Octavia and Superb vehicles within a limited production period, where there is a possibility that a heat protection mat was incorrectly fitted. Incorrectly fitted heat protection mats may expose a coupling connector on the brake fluid reservoir which could melt and cause a fluid leak into the engine compartment. For safety, a check of your vehicle is necessary. The work required will take approximately 1hr and will be performed free of charge.

What should I do if my car falls under a recall?

If your vehicle falls into one or more of our vehicle recall campaigns, we will contact and notify you in writing.

From there, your vehicle needs to go to an authorised Škoda service centre to be checked by our trained technicians. You can make a booking to have the vehicle reviewed by getting in touch with your local Škoda Authorised Dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recalls address any potential safety related defect, due to a feature of design or construction that could pose a risk to the driver, vehicle occupants, or other road users. In the interest of safety, any recall affecting your vehicle should be completed immediately.

If your vehicle has been affected by a recall, Škoda will contact the current owner by email or post to let them know and to advise them of the next steps. Alternatively, you can check if your vehicle is affected via the link on this page.

No - service campaigns and/or recalls do not affect the warranty policy on your vehicle, nor your rights under the New Zealand Consumer Law.

No - there is no charge for service campaign and/or recall work.

All Authorised Škoda service centres in New Zealand have been informed of all active service and recall campaigns.

Yes, that is important. Your authorised Škoda service centre wants to ensure that parts (if required) are readily available to ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible.

No. An inspection is required for all vehicles included in a recall, but it does not mean that your vehicle will require any component replacement.

The check and the repair of the vehicle (if needed) will depend on the recall campaign, your local Škoda service centre will advise the time required before you bring your vehicle in.

If you require a loan car while this work is being completed, the service centre will arrange this at the time of making the appointment for you