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Choosing the right company vehicle is all part of running a successful business. With a family of vehicles that start with the zippy FABIA right through to the luxury, space and practicality of the NZ Car of the Year 2017, KODIAQ, ŠKODA have the options to make your choice easier.

Regardless of which model fits your business best, you can be sure they’re all extremely fuel efficient, which cuts down on running costs. More and more companies are choosing our vehicles for their fleet purchases, much to their employees' delight. So what is it about ŠKODA that makes them so attractive to business?

What makes ŠKODA cars special to fleet customers?

Thanks to their unique qualities, the ŠKODA cars rank among the most popular on the company market. While fleet managers will be impressed by the low running costs and high residual value, the drivers themselves will appreciate especially the safety, roominess, comfort and performance. The combination of all these virtues is what makes the ŠKODA offer so extraordinary.


Every company has its specific requests and needs, which can only be fully satisfied with a custom tailored solution. Our long experience with sales to fleet customers, together with the possibility to choose from wide model range, make us the ideal partner to fulfill all your wishes and demands.

Contact us today to discuss a bespoke partnership to meet your business needs.

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