Real life reviews

At Škoda, we value the opinions and experiences of our customers above all else. That’s why we went on the search for members of the public, just like you, and asked them to get behind the wheel of a Škoda to test drive our exceptional range of vehicles in real-world conditions. Read on to find testimonials, reviews, and stories from our Škoda explorers who have shared their experiences.

Rain or shine, Škoda Kodiaq shines bright

Ngahuia's weekend plans shifted with Auckland's weather, but the Škoda Kodiaq saved the day. The 7-seater seamlessly managed errands, Christmas shopping, and comfortably accommodated a double pram, golf clubs, groceries, and three car seats. The Kodiaq won the family over so much that parting with the keys felt almost impossible.

The Kodiaq makes a perfect family fit

Anneke and her husband had a blast with their Škoda Kodiaq, which coincided with their wedding anniversary. And what better way to spend the milestone than a family road trip with the kids? The car handled rainy weather like a champ during their weekend in Papamoa, and the family did too—some of the bravest ended up in the water (fully clothed!).

The kids love the Kodiaq!

Tracey and her family loved cruising in the Kodiaq during a weekend trip to Mount Maunganui. It brought surprise after surprise and kept pace with the families’ heavy agenda. Everyone’s bags were loaded with ease into the spacious boot, which left Tracey very impressed as she added, “this never happens; we usually have to travel with a roof pod!”

Cycling enthusiast's electric adventure

Liam Friary embarked on a unique weekend adventure, using an all-electric Škoda Enyaq to explore the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. The Enyaq easily accommodated his bikes, and its impressive range eliminated any range anxiety concerns. The Enyaq facilitated transportation and enhanced the overall cycling experience.

A Glimpse into the Electric Future

David Dome, Wellington Phoenix General Manager, embarked on a weekend trip from Wellington to Taupo in a Škoda Enyaq. Impressed by the Enyaq's features, the experience left him eager to make it his family's next purchase. The success of his drive in the Enyaq marked by not just a ‘goodbye’ to the car but a ‘see you later.’

Dream break with the Enyaq

When Helene Ravlich, ARE Media Beauty Editor, picked up her Enyaq from Skoda, she described it as the beginning of a ‘dream mini break’ with her husband and son. The weekend was already off to a good start when she noticed the Enyaqs ‘superlative’ boot space and the net within for keeping everything together.

Shining a light on the Enyaq

The weekend away reinforced how well an electric vehicle could integrate into Tori Lomaloma's lifestyle. The ample space and packing capabilities in the trunk made the EV an excellent choice. Tori described the Enyaq as "the ideal size for both daily use and weekend getaways."

Business Desk with Brenda Ward

Those who have done the drive from Auckland to Coromandel before, will know the winding roads that Business Desk Editor, Brenda Ward, was faced with as she headed to Hahei in the Škoda Enyaq. It is usually a tricky bit of road, but Brenda found the Enyaq easy to drive as she made her way up the country via the east side of the peninsula.

Charging to Taupō

Kevin Norquay is given the all-new 100% electric Škoda Enyaq, and sets out on an intrepid quest to answer the most-asked question about electric cars. Will it get to "Taupō?” he asks, eyeing the electric SUV Škoda Enyaq, with its good looks and sparkling LED grille.

Enyaq goes Island Time

Meika Huesser, ventured around Waiheke Island in the Enyaq accompanied by her family. The Enyaq's impressive performance on challenging roads, its adaptable features, and its environmental advantages left a profound impact, reshaping their perspective on electric vehicles and prompting them to contemplate it for their upcoming vehicle upgrade.

Emission free nature getaway

Fili Tapa, an avid photographer and nature enthusiast, recently embarked on a scenic getaway with his partner in the Škoda Enyaq. Packed with photography gear, they enjoyed a tranquil drive down the coast, appreciating the quietness and comfort of the electric vehicle.

From fashion to cars

Eager to experience the new Enyaq, Melissa from The Last Fashion Bible had the opportunity to take one away for a weekend in Tauranga with her husband. She had heard stories about range anxiety with EV's, but that was proven wrong with the Enyaq after such a great experience.

The Ultimate Golf Weekend

There’s only one thing Mark Jack enjoys more than cars, and that is golf. Mark had the opportunity to test out our new Škoda Enyaq on a golfing trip with three friends. They were impressed at how easily all their gear fit in the boot.