Škoda Sunday Drive

16. září 2023

Dream break with the Enyaq

Helene Ravlich takes a dream break with the Enyaq

When Helene Ravlich, ARE Media Beauty Editor, picked up her Enyaq from Skoda, she described it as the beginning of a ‘dream mini break’ with her husband and son. The weekend was already off to a good start when she noticed the Enyaqs ‘superlative’ boot space and the net within for keeping everything together. This was perfect for the self-described ‘terrible over packer’ as she suddenly didn’t need to think twice about what was brought on the trip.

The next day, the family escaped the hustle and bustle of Ponsonby and drove north towards Matakana where they would be staying for the night at Woodhouse Mountain Lodge. The journey in the Enyaq flew by as the sound system in the Sportline Max proved an unexpected delight. Helene notes that this was the ‘perfect road trip companion!’

On the way, the Skoda was truly put to the test with Sports mode activated as Helene challenged her misconceptions that an EV would fall short in terms of performance. She quickly found that this EV certainly didn’t with the Enyaq providing more than enough power to really move. Aside from its impressive driving, the car continued to surprise her in its small details too like the “genius” umbrella hidden in the driver’s door.

Once arriving in Matakana, the family visited some wonderful foodie destinations and took in the beautiful scenery. This including stopping by a vineyard where the netting in the boot of the Enyaq came in handy once again for keeping purchases safe from rattling around.

As a writer and beauty editor, Helene commented that a lot of her work revolves around Ponsonby or Auckland CBD. The Enyaq reminded her why she loves taking any chance to get out of the city and to travel. With its 532km range she cited it as “the dream vehicle for hitting the motorway and seeing where it could take her.”

On Saturday evening Helene and her husband went out for dinner and enjoyed putting park assist to use again as they arrived at their chosen restaurant. They decided in that moment they could seriously get used to this feature. Helene had already been considering the purchase of an EV with the fuel savings and the benefit to the environment at the top of her mind. Now, the comfort and design of the Enyaq had just made this shift a whole lot more convincing.