As one of our priorities in the development of Škoda cars is to offer you and everyone on board the maximum possible level of safety, Škoda models feature the most advanced safety equipment, protecting occupants effectively if there is an accident and even actively preventing emergencies from occurring in the first place. Explore all the systems that will ensure that you feel safe whenever you are at the wheel of a Škoda.

5 stars for our range

When all new Škoda models are launched they are awarded the maximum 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests.

How to drive safely

With all the advanced technology within our reach, it’s easy to overlook the one thing that makes every drive truly safe. And that is you. The driver.

Since drivers are the most important safety feature, it’s crucial to know the basic and not so basic principles of safe driving. That includes understanding how to make the best use of safety assistant systems. We’ll show you. Using an example of the two most common driving situations – driving in dense city traffic versus long distance driving.

Safety features in our models

Check out this detailed overview of all the safety features you can find in a Škoda, encompassing advanced driver assists, the protection of children on board, and a rundown of the safety equipment in each of our models.

Safety assistance systems


Driver alert

Lane assist

Adaptive cruise control

Front assist with pedestrian monitor

Blind spot detect

Hill hold control

Rear traffic alert

Park distance control

Rear view camera

Emergency assist

Crew protect assist

Advanced lighting systems

The visibility of a vehicle plays a central role in road traffic safety. Innovative lighting systems guarantee optimum "see and be seen" for the Škoda models.

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Driving stability systems

A - DE - HI - ST - Z

Anti-lock brake system

Anti-slip regulation

Cornering brake control

Driver steering recommendation

Electronic brakeforce distribution

Electronic differential lock

Electronic stability control

Hydraulic brake assist

Multi-collision brake

Electronic drag torque regulation

Brake test stand

Tyre pressure monitoring

Trailer stability assist

Electronic differential lock


The main purpose of airbags, in tandem with the seat belts, is to prevent the occupants’ bodies from coming into contact with any rigid parts of the car, or at least to minimise the consequences of any such contact.

Safe body design

The cabin of all Škoda models is manufactured from the hardest possible materials in order to provide the passengers with maximum protection.

Child protection

Every parent will insist that the top priority is to protect the smallest passengers whom standard safety belts cannot help. We agree, so in all Škoda's you'll find useful safety features effectively protecting all small travellers.

Safety of our range up close

What specific safety features does each Škoda model offer? Find out in our brief overview.