Emergency service vehicles from Škoda - vehicles you can rely on in an emergency

Across the entire Škoda range you will find versatile, quality vehicles that are able to meet whatever operational requirements you may have. Whether it be the fuel efficient and spacious Superb, the high performance Octavia RS, or any model in between, Škoda vehicles offer flexibility and cost effective maintenance due to commonality in technical components across the range. This also results in competitive costs for the life of your vehicle.

Emergency vehicles are often pushed to their limits and the Škoda range has passed tests set by the services with ease. Our vehicles are also easily able to be converted to meet specific specification requirements such as police dog unit cars with cages in the back and rapid-response paramedic vehicles.


Why you should choose us

These are some reasons why you should choose emergency services vehicles from Škoda:


In their respective categories, all Škoda models offer unmatched roominess for both the passengers and their luggage. TCO The Škoda brand represents an excellent alternative from both an operating cost perspective as well as the residual value of the vehicle.


Whether you imagine the overall safety of the whole crew or the safeguard features of the vehicle itself, we always have a lot to offer.

Smart solutions

The Škoda models provide a wide selection of smart “Simply Clever” equipment and solutions.

High quality

Customer satisfaction is our priority, whether handling the cars themselves or through other products and services.

In service

Škoda emergency vehicles are currently in service on the frontline in twenty two countries worldwide... and growing.

An award-winning range

Nationally and internationally, Škoda is climbing to ever-greater heights. All new Škoda models feature the unique crystalline design, a host of Simply Clever solutions and a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Get in touch with your local dealership and check out their exclusive offers on the Škoda range.

Škoda custom solutions

Every company has its specific requests and needs, which can only be fully satisfied with a custom tailored solution. Our long experience with sales to fleet customers, together with the possibility to choose from wide model range, make us the ideal partner to fulfill all your wishes and demands.

Contact us today to discuss a bespoke partnership to meet your business needs.