Love your Škoda

Show your Škoda some love. Here are a few tips to keep your Škoda running smoothly until we see you next!

Everything you need, at your finger tips

Make the most of your new Škoda with our simple videos here


With the portals below you will be able to keep the infotainment systems of your car up-to-date.

Offers software and maps updates for the different Škoda infotainment systems (Swing and Bolero radios + Amundsen and Columbus navigation).

Enables users to find destinations and edit information such as name or picture. The destinations are then saved in the vehicle SD Card and can be uploaded in the Amundsen or Columbus navigation systems.

Provides an overview of mobile devices (telephones, tablets, mp3 players) compatible with the inbuilt Škoda infotainment systems (bluetooth handsfree, bluetooth audiostreaming, smartLink, etc).


Škoda vehicles are equipped with the up-to-date systems (eg. trailer assist and blind spot detect) that increase your comfort and safety in particular. In these videos we explain how the various systems work and how to control them, so you can take full advantage. All the systems and functions are presented on several Škoda models, but are valid for all vehicles that are equipped with them.