High-quality spare parts for your Škoda

Škoda takes pride in producing only the highest quality replacement parts for your vehicle, they fit like a glove and have that new car smell.

There is no comparison between a genuine Škoda part and a replica. Genuine parts are made by the same factory that built your vehicle under the strictest quality standards and the others simply aren’t.


The full range of Škoda Parts

Škoda approved oils

Škoda recommend using a Škoda approved oil to ensure your engine will achieve maximum output with low fuel consumption. Your authorised Škoda service centre will be able to advise the best option for your vehicle.

Škoda exchange parts

Škoda exchange parts are factory reconditioned parts for vehicles of any age. In the reconditioning process, the parts are taken apart, cleaned, measured and inspected. The individual components of each part are reconditioned or replaced with new ones. The re-use of returned parts means that the environment suffers less of a burden in terms of waste. 

The main advantages of exchange parts are; Lower prices depending on the specific part, 100% compatibility with the vehicle, safe and high-quality parts to Škoda standards, the green recycling of old parts, and environmental protection.

Škoda exchange parts

The range includes complete engines, turbochargers, air-conditioning compressors, alternators, starters, water pumps, clutches, injection pumps, nozzles, catalytic converters, gearboxes, disc brake callipers and other complex units.


AdBlue® is an environmentally friendly synthetic solution that consists of highly pure urea (32.5%) and demineralised water (67.5%). It helps selected Škoda models with diesel engines comply with stringent environmental standards. The consumption depends on the driving style, the system’s operating temperature and the weather conditions. The quantity of AdBlue® in the tank is electronically monitored. The driver gets AdBlue® refill warnings on the dashboard computer. Top up AdBlue® conveniently at an authorised Škoda service centre. Clean. Fast. Trouble-free.