Electric cars are now a serious alternative to conventional engines for all your driving needs, no matter the distance. And it’s never been easier to charge at home, at work or on the road.

Below you will find Škoda tools that help you plan your trip, work out your range, or calculate your fuel savings. We also have some handy videos explaining your options for how to charge your electric car.

The future of home charging - Evnex

Charging your car at home is as easy as charging your phone. Our preferred home charging partner is Evnex, a leading New Zealand manufacturer and installer of smart EV chargers who will provide a seamless charging experience for all Škoda electric vehicles.

Evnex smart EV chargers are engineered in New Zealand—so you can count on a locally-based team of Kiwis with a can-do attitude and inventive spirit.

Enjoy freedom with a fast and affordable EV charge, from Evnex. Request an installation quote today to get set up to charge at home.