Škoda Sunday Drive

17. září 2023

not goodbye, but see you later

David Dome embarks on a weekend trip in the Enyaq

With his sights set on a trip to Taupo, David Dome got the ball rolling on Friday afternoon when he picked up the Skoda Enyaq – ready to put it to the test with a four-hour journey all the way from Wellington.

The Wellington Phoenix General Manager was looking forward to a weekend away and instantly the Enyaq ensured this got off to a smooth start with its adaptive cruise control perfect for a long drive. David made sure to try out the Android Auto car feature too, noting that this as well as the extensive safety features, made driving so easy with the ability to make calls and play music direct from his phone.

This was his first time behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and David was genuinely surprised by the power and smoothness of the Enyaq. Along with his wife, he couldn’t help but feel the trip was all the more luxurious given how much they were saving with the ‘extraordinary cost of petrol’ these days.

As the sun began to set on Saturday evening, the Skoda pulled into the Hilton Lake Taupo – the vehicles glossy black detailing standing out in the dimming light. Having reached Taupo without a single charge thanks to the Enyaqs 532km range, David remarked that there wasn’t a smidge of range anxiety.

After checking in to their accommodation for the night, the couple wrapped up warm and went into town for dinner. They arrived at an excellent restaurant, scoring in one with their effortless parking job thanks to the help of the Enyaq park assist.

The following day, David and his wife made their way to Kuratau – a small village on the Western side of Lake Taupo. Arriving at their holiday home, the couple realised how much more cost efficient the Enyaq could be for their regular trips here. Even with a bit of gear in the back, the sizeable boot of the Enyaq was plenty big enough – especially with the cargo net feature.

With “no difference in power compared to an ICE engine and the smoothness of the drive” David considered how this EV would be ideal for his regular 30-minute work commutes into Wellington city too.

The next morning came and using Android Assist to map out their nearest charging station, the couple set the Enyaq up to power up before their trip home. They took this opportunity to tend to their rumbling stomachs and sit down for a delicious brunch. The topic of conversation during this meal centred around how an EV was now going to be their family’s next big purchase, with the “Enyaq definitely on the shopping list.”

On the drive home, David admired the top-class interior finish of the car and how luxurious it all felt. The success of his drive in the Enyaq marked by not just a ‘goodbye’ to the car but a ‘see you later.’