Škoda Sunday Drive

3. července 2023

Driving in style: A Fashion Journalist's Weekend Escape

Q&A with Melissa Reid

What did you do on your weekend away?

I drove to Tauranga with my husband. While we were down there, we visited my mum and had a lovely day at the beach and pottered around for the weekend. After driving around, we got the ultimate tick of approval from my mum, that’s how you know it must be good!

What were your first impressions of the car?

I found the driving experience brilliant; it was a fun car to drive. We felt safe and comfortable, while also feeling luxurious. The overall performance of the car exceeded our expectations and we felt that it was an all-round great car.

What were your favourite features of the car?

We thought the design of the car itself was modern and high tech, especially the crystal grill at the front. The sunroof slides open with a movement of your finger, which just goes to show that in terms of technology and accessibility there was no detail missed. Even my car loving husband was absolutely loving it! While I was driving my husband sat in the back seat for a while, so he could experience it from back there as well. He loved the temperature controls, heated seats and especially the space. We utilised the umbrella in the door when it was raining and the nets in the back to hold our groceries – everything was thought of, and the features helped us with things we didn’t even know we needed.

If you were to purchase the car, what do you think it would be most used for?

I would use it for everything, as I said it’s a real all-rounder so would be great for both a family or an individual. As it's an electric vehicle, to plan a long trip you would need to prepare your route and decide where you would charge it. For us, we made this an enjoyable part of our experience by planning out our weekend with stops for coffees or things we wanted to see and just took our time. Planning our journey was easy to do and made us appreciate the journey instead of rushing to the destination. To plan, we did our research prior to departure by simply downloading an app.

Do you think there are any misconceptions of electric vehicles now that you have experienced one yourself?

I have heard stories about range anxiety with electric vehicles, but that was proven wrong with the Enyaq, as we had such a great experience. It has made me consider an electric vehicle for myself, as I am currently in the market for a new vehicle and think after my experience the Enyaq this is a solid contender. Not only is it a great car, but it considers the environment which is important to me.

Overall, Melissa agreed the Enyaq provided her with a memorable experience and offered comfort, luxury and provided ease to achieve everyday tasks. Ticking all her boxes, it is a vehicle that she found matches her values and her lifestyle.