Škoda Sunday Drive

24. července 2023

Emission free nature getaway

Q&A with Fili Tapa

What did you do on your weekend with the Enyaq?

We celebrated my beautiful partner’s birthday at a luxury eco-cabin in a remote location amongst nature. We did quite a bit of sightseeing around Mount Maunganui, drove to a few waterfall locations, shopped around and even had High Tea at the Trinity Wharf Hotel. We drove from Auckland to Tauranga with a few pit stops along the way to give the Enyaq a quick charge and grab snacks.

What do you currently drive?

I currently drive a Land Rover Defender.

What were your favourite features? 

The quietness of the drive compared to driving a petrol fuelled vehicle. The headlight technology in the Enyaq is amazing with how the smart lights operate and are integrated into the front grill. It was really exciting to see it go into high beam mode with a curtain opening like effect. The boot space is huge and my partner and I both agreed that the seat massager was the winner, perfect for long drives.

Have you ever considered purchasing an EV? 

Yes many times, as we reside in the city and have a holiday home one hour north of Auckland where we spend most weekends it’s crossed our minds how we can save petrol with all this traveling we do on a weekly basis. An EV seems like a logical choice.

Any misconceptions of an EV compared to your actual experience? 

It was a positive experience for us both as this was the first time we drove an EV out of Auckland. The Enyaq’s 500+ KM distance made us feel less fearful that we would run out of battery. We’re still learning how to plan a trip on long drives with an EV by mapping out stops for quick charge which is a necessity.