Skoda Sunday Drive

15. října 2023

Cycling enthusiast's electric adventure

Cycling enthusiast's electric adventure

Liam Friary is no stranger to a weekend adventure off the beaten track, often cycling around the stunning landscapes New Zealand has to offer. However, this particular trip got off to a slightly different start as Liam swapped his regular two-wheels for four. Picking up the all-electric Skoda Enyaq on Friday afternoon, he was ready for the first leg of his journey north to Leigh.

Of course, there’s room for everyone in the Enyaq so the NZ Cycling Journal Director didn’t have to leave his bikes behind. The spacious boot and netting system easily fit necessary gear for a weekend of cycling while the roof racks meant the bikes could be easily secured and brought along for the ride too. Liam noted this was especially ideal towards the end of the trip as dirty wheels didn’t need removing before the bikes were transported home.

On the hour long drive from Auckland, the Enyaq helped set the mood with its Apple CarPlay and immersive sound system ‘great for getting hyped up before a ride’. By the time he arrived in Leigh, Liam was rearing to go and he noticed so was the Enyaq, with the EV still having plenty of km’s left in its 534km range.

The gravel bikes came off the roof racks for the first ride along Rahuikiri Road and Pakiri Block Road. This route provided scenic views and mostly consisted of gravel country lanes where Liam probably saw only two cars the whole 30km ride. Climbing into the Enyaq afterwards, the heated steering wheel and upholstered sports seats were much appreciated creature comforts for some well-used muscles.

Sunday rolled around and the Enyaq’s sparkling crystal grill gleamed in the sun; the day already off to a good start with blue skies perfect for another off road adventure. This time it was the 55km Puhoi Loop and as he rode, Liam realised he hadn’t experienced any range anxiety this trip. He shared that he had to ‘take his hat off to Skoda’ for the Enyaq’s range making it so easy to get out and about.

As the ambient lighting and heated seats in the Enyaq helped him chill out after a big weekend of cycling, when the time did come to charge Liam could continue to relax as the process was nothing short of straight forward.

This weekend had been a reminder of all the sights New Zealand has to offer and how the Enyaq makes exploring these more efficient and enjoyable. For Liam, rather than a means of just getting to the beginning of the next track, the drive in the Enyaq enhanced the cycling experience as a whole.