Škoda Sunday Drive

29. října 2023

Anniversary Adventure: Exploring New Zealand's Beauty with the Škoda Kodiaq

Anneke Heu - Kodiaq Family

It was almost meant to be, that the day Anneke Heu and her husband picked up their Škoda Kodiaq also happened to coincide with their wedding anniversary. Dropping the kids off at their grandparents’ house in Waikato, the couple snuck out to celebrate. Their time together on the way to dinner and a movie was more peaceful than usual thanks to the Kodiaq’s dual-zone air conditioning, which prevented a silent battle over the car temperature.  

With an early start the next morning, the couple were met with cold and windy weather. It was time to pick up the kids and head to Whatawhata for a family event. Anneke shared that the Kodiaq “drove like a dream” and she was impressed with how well it handled the road. She felt secure and confident driving, even in the rainy conditions. The event finished up and it was time to quickly head back home for some lunch before the family of six put the generous storage compartment in the Kodiaq to good use – packing the car to the brim.

Back on the road, this time to Papamoa, everyone was comfortable in the upholstered sports seats. Potholes and bumps were barely felt, with the family describing the Kodiaq’s suspension system as “awesome”. The travel assist feature ensured “an entirely elevated sense of safety and protection” and along with the high visibility headlights, driving in the heavy rain was not an issue.

Arriving at their destination at around 3 o’clock, excitement levels were through the roof. Anneke and the family explored their beautiful beachside accommodation and took advantage of a clearing in the weather to walk along Papamoa beach. Hopping into the Kodiaq afterwards felt luxuriously warm with its heated steering wheel and seats.


Time had gotten away from the family and there were now some hungry bellies in need of dinner. Anneke headed into town to stock up on groceries for a BBQ and found the electronically opening boot to be a “game changer with full hands”. After dinner, the family loaded back into the Kodiaq and explored Mount Maunganui and Tauranga – with the car’s LED ambient lighting perfectly fitting for the moody weather.

The night finished back at the beach – a place where Anneke says her family always feels content and peaceful. Some of the bravest in the family ended up in the water - fully clothed - while the smartest got into actual swimwear. Once again, Anneke described the Kodiaq as “a welcome sight after braving the wild elements.” She couldn’t help but appreciate how much the vehicle had suited the family’s adventures over the weekend. Features from keyless entry, to the Kodiaq’s spacious interior had made travelling with four kids a breeze.

A big day of exploring in the Kodiaq ended with the family cuddled up watching a movie back at the beach house. As the kids began to drift off, Anneke and her husband agreed that they would be telling their family and friends about their very memorable experience in the Kodiaq.




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