Skoda Sunday Drive

2. září 2023

Business Desk with Brenda Ward

Business Desk with Brenda Ward

Those who have done the drive from Auckland to Coromandel before, will know the winding roads that Business Desk Editor, Brenda Ward, was faced with as she headed to Hahei for the weekend in the Škoda Enyaq. It is usually a tricky bit of road, but Brenda found the Enyaq easy to drive as she made her way up the country via the east side of the peninsula.

Brenda quickly noticed the deceleration and regeneration of the Enyaq on hills, saying this feature made the “driving experience effortless” and gave her and her husband more time to take in the stunning views along the way.

As Hahei drew nearer, the Enyaq needed to be charged and although they had their reservations about this part of the journey, Brenda and her husband were pleasantly surprised. Rather than hindering the trip, they found the charging time became an enjoyable excuse for a break and some brunch.

Once both the car and its passengers had recharged, the drive continued through Whangamata as the Enyaq ensured the journey was nothing but comfortable with its spacious interior, ambient lighting and wireless charging facilities.

The first leg of the journey drew to a close as Brenda and her husband arrived at their accommodation for the night – a beachside cottage for two. They noted again the “very cool” self-parking feature of the Škoda Enyaq – another element which added to the seamlessness of the trip.

In the comfort of their hidden retreat, the couple considered the use of an electric vehicle in their day to day lives – with Brenda’s husband becoming increasingly attached to the Škoda Enyaq. They decided it could be especially ideal for “commuting from Orewa to Auckland City for work and for running errands.”

The next morning as they prepared to leave their Hahei sanctuary, they couldn’t help but compliment the crystal grill on the front of the Enyaq and its sculptural interior door handles. As Brenda slid into the driver’s seat, her husband reminded her that the Enyaq would help them keep costs down with day to day driving and look stylish while doing it too.

Heading back to Auckland, along the Thames Coast this time, the couple enjoyed ocean views as they made the most of the Enyaq’s 532km range - the hassle of potentially needing to stop and recharge no longer viewed as a hassle at all.

Describing the journey as ‘lovely’, Brenda added that her husband spent half of the journey home researching how they could get a Škoda vehicle of their own as he was completely won over by the Enyaq.