Škoda Sunday Drive

17. prosince 2023

A weekend full of blue skies and family time in Matakana.

Ngahuia - Kodiaq Family

As she climbed into the driver’s seat of the Skoda Kodiaq she had just picked up for the weekend, Ngahuia’s mind was set on a weekend full of blue skies and family time in Matakana. However, as it so often does, Auckland weather had other plans and quickly took a turn for the worst.

Ngahuia, a mother and actor, quickly adapted and decided to make the most of the Kodiaq and see how it could fit into day-to-day family life in Auckland. She made a list of some errands including buying groceries, picking up family, and even some early Christmas shopping before heading out to see just what the Kodiaq could do.

It quickly became apparent that all the space the 7-seater had to offer would be put to good use. Ngahuia couldn’t believe how much she managed to fit in the car - from a double pram and golf clubs to a trampoline, groceries and luggage. She said “there really was space for everyone”, and even had three car seats in the Kodiaq at one point.

With Saturday being so rainy, the umbrella which comes in a small compartment of the Kodiaq’s front door became an unexpected favourite feature – just one of many which made Ngahuia’s experience so great. While accomplishing all her tasks, she found the hands-free and wireless charging especially useful and great for her family’s busy lifestyle.

Sunday came around and Ngahuia and her family enjoyed a family drive to their favourite café – and actually had the space to take everybody in one vehicle! The sun even appeared for long enough to put the window screens in the Kodiaq to use - they were ideal for sun shade and all-round privacy. With the car at full capacity, everyone remained comfortable with easy seat adjustments and plenty of space.

Later that evening, the family took the Kodiaq to a driving range and Ngahuia realised just how much she was loving the vehicle. Finishing off what had been a wholesome weekend together by seeing the Auckland City Lights, the Kodiaq had proven itself to be versatile and comfortable.

Ngahuia said it was not only modern and the perfect size for work - but also spacious enough to fit the whole family and get everyone out on adventures. Having already been contemplating the move to a 7-seater, just one weekend with the Kodiaq has seen it jump to the top of this family’s wish list.

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