Kamiq reviews

"there’s a neat bit of eco-tech in the form of cylinder deactivation. Two pots can shut off when they’re not needed (a gentle cruise on the motorway for example), which helps achieve overall fuel efficiency"

Skoda Kamiq Scoutline

Company Vehicle

"When Skoda first introduced the Kamiq, it seemed odd because the Škoda Scala was already filling that segment very nicely. A year later, Škoda introduced the Kamiq Scoutline and everything changed…"

Škoda Kamiq Monte Carlo review: Return of the Yeti


"Don’t be fooled by the grown-up looks: the Kamiq is very much a city vehicle, just 4.2m long but surprisingly spacious with it (like the Scala hatchback on which it’s based). You even get a class-leading 400-litre boot."

2020 Škoda Kamiq Monte Carlo - All the car you need?


"In normal use, the Kamiq is a very quiet, smooth, comfortable, and generally pleasant driving experience. The longer I spent time with it, the more I really liked it and began to think that maybe this is all the car you need, for a small family."

Fits u-in-it - New Škoda Kamiq review

Tarmac Life

"The interior brings in more Škoda design language with diamond fabric seats and Simply Clever features. It’s spacious for the size of the vehicle with adequate seating for four and a half plus 400L of luggage space for ‘stuff’."

Meet your new Volkswagen Golf (It's a Škoda Kamiq SUV)


"As you’d expect, there’s plenty of practicality to go with the fun. The front seats in the Ambition+ are really impressive for comfort and support."

Road test review: Škoda Kamiq Ambition+

Stuff Motoring

"The Kamiq has a stout face with an upright grille and split headlights while the rear end is similar in execution to the Scala hatchback."