ŠKODA Karoq Reviews


Engine Swap In Karoq Package

"The Karoq Style is well provisioned, leading out with a safety package that includes adaptive radar cruise control, lane keeping assistance, side traffic and rear traffic alert."
AA Motoring

ŠKODA Karoq 2018 Car Review

"The extremely well-thought-out set-up shouldn’t come as a surprise, given everyday practicality is ŠKODA’s byline."
NZ Autocar

ŠKODA lobs Karoq into the fray

"The Karoq steers quickly, precisely and is hard to unsettle in corners. Yet it rides extremely well too, and is quiet on the go".

AutoExpress Mid-size SUV of the Year 2018

"ŠKODA is on a roll, and the Karoq is proof that the Czech brand knows exactly what it’s doing in the field of family SUVs."
AA Motoring

A practical Euro at a mainstream price - ŠKODA Karoq

"Standard specification is generous, including seven airbags, emergency brake assist, blind spot detect, lane assist and more."
Company Vehicle Magazine

ŠKODA Karoq Review

"Karoq offers the SUV market clever engines, clever packaging, European styling and sharp pricing."
Rural News

Cool and clever Karoq arrives

"Winning umpteen car-of-the-year titles in 2017 for the Kodiaq, ŠKODA might now be up for the double in 2018 with the new mid-sized Karoq SUV."

ŠKODA Karoq 2018 Car Review

"The Karoq is the first car to use this new engine, and I can confirm this 1.5 motor is a gem. Quiet, torquey, smooth – very smooth".
Stuff Motoring

Think of the ŠKODA Karoq as a baby bear

"It's a sweet engine with a torque delivery that belies its humble capacity. It looks substantial on the road and feels it from behind the wheel".

Frugal n’ frisky 1.5 enlivens ŠKODA Karoq’s debut

"Two things cut the new Skoda Karoq out from the rest of the compact SUV herd. One is the optional ‘Varioflex’ leather seats that can be folded away or discarded completely to make more room for luggage".

Saving fuel in style

"This near-instant access to grunt makes the Karoq a relaxing drive, and the seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox processes that energy promptly with all the anonymous efficiency of a good movie projectionist".
Automotive News

ŠKODA Karoq SUV offers more than the bear necessities

"The 110kW/250Nm petrol unit is the first from the VW Group to use cylinder deactivation to cut fuel use and exhaust emissions. It’s also a first for New Zealand."
Motoring NZ

Arrowing into crucial category

"Maker ŠKODA is touting this medium model’s generous interior room and luggage capacity as key selling points. To maximize those aspects, they use a neat design feature; Varioflex seating".
Stuff Motoring

Two-cylinder trickery for ŠKODA's new Kiwi-market Karoq

"A cutting edge small capacity turbo petrol engine powers ŠKODA New Zealand's Karoq medium-SUV".

Best Family SUV Award Winner

"It’s seriously impressive, then, that the ŠKODA Karoq has arrived this year and marched straight to the top."
The Telegraph

Straight to the top of the small SUV class

"On the face of it the Karoq does everything you could ask of a high-riding SUV".
Fleet News UK

ŠKODA Suberb and Karoq awarded best in their class at Fleet News Awards

"The ŠKODA Superb retained the title of Best Upper Medium Car for a third year whilst the Karoq bagged Best Mid-size SUV at the ‘Oscars’ of fleet awards."

New ŠKODA Karoq Uncovered

"The Karoq follows the success of the Kodiaq with another striking look. We learn how it evolved..."
NZ Autocar

ŠKODA confirms local Karoq pricing and spec

"It is clear ŠKODA is playing the SUV game to win...While the engine is at the pointy end of efficiency, it still generates 110kw and 250Nm of torque."

1,500 mile road test

"The plan is simple: take a brand new ŠKODA Karoq and drive it from the Czech Republic back to the UK".

ŠKODA Karoq Review

"The ŠKODA Karoq is a top-drawer family SUV, offering comfort and superb practicality for a competitive price".
Stuff Motoring

ŠKODA debuts new baby SUV called Karoq

"The Czech brand has unveiled another new SUV, the Karoq. The name is derived from an indigenous language of a tribe that lives off the coast of Alaska, following the theme of the brand's larger seven-seat Kodiaq SUV".