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Škoda to supply new Police cars

New Zealand Police

"After a rigorous testing and evaluation process, New Zealand Police has selected the Škoda Superb as the new frontline Police car. The more environmentally friendly Škoda will become Police’s primary response vehicle, with the first cars expected on roads and in communities as early as April next year."

Škoda's in: NZ Police to use Superb patrol cars


"Police expect to deploy the first lot of Škoda's in April 2021. The new-look Police cars will be revealed early next year."

NZ Police select Škoda to supply new cop cars


“When all criteria were considered the two Škoda Superb models ranked the highest,” the police statement said.

Police choose Škoda for new Frontline vehicle


"Police said they received submissions for 27 vehicles from seven suppliers for the testing for a new primary response car. Two Škoda Superb models stood out as ideal cars, and police said the first batch were expected to hit the roads in April 2021."

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