• Citigo
      • Citigo
        Citigo from  $18,990
        A simply clever and comfortable small car
        • ​Five-door version
        • ​A large interior for four passengers and their luggage
        • An economical 55 kW petrol engine for town running
        • till251l /934l
        • from4l/100km
        • from105g/km
  • Fabia
      • Fabia Hatch
        Fabia Hatch from  $23,900
        A versatile compact vehicle for more than just the town
        • ​A 77 kW engine
        • ​A large interior and comfort for five passengers
        • Excellent handling
        • till300l /1165l
        • from7.5l/100km
        • from180g/km
      • Fabia RS
        Fabia RS from  $31,900
        The combination of a sporty design, power and comfort
        • A twin-supercharged 1.4 TSI/132 kW engine with a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox
        • 17” Gigaro light alloy wheels
        •  A leather three-spoke steering wheel
        • till300l /1165l
        • from6.2l/100km
        • from148g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid from  $29,900
        A compact liftback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • ​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant
        • Hatchback body style with fantastic interior space
        • Powerful, but economical engines ranging from 77 kW to 90 kW
        • till530l /1470l
        • from4.5l/100km
        • from118g/km
      • Rapid Spaceback
        Rapid Spaceback from  $29,700
        Rapid Spaceback
        •    Dynamic and fresh design
        •    Spacious passenger leg room and boot
        •    Economical petrol and diesel engines
        • till384l /1349l
        • from4.5l/100km
        • from118g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia Liftback
        Octavia Liftback from  $34,900
        A class of its own
        • ​Clear, precise and timeless design, benchmark in terms of room for occupants and their baggage​​​
        • New assistance systems and innovative comfort and infotainment systems
        • Powerful and efficient engines
        • till568l /1558l
        • from3.9l/100km
        • from102g/km
      • Octavia RS
        Octavia RS from  $47,000
        The fastest Octavia ever
        • Top speed 248 km/h​
        • 2.0 TSI/162 kW and 2.0 TDI DPF/135 engines
        • Sporty, roomy, fuctional in perfect balance
        • till568l /1558l
        • from4.6l/100km
        • from119g/km
      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout from  $48,200
        An outdoor partner with rugged look and family skills
        • Rough road package
        • ​Intelligent 4x4
        • Columbus touchscreen navigation system
        • till588l /1718l
        • from5.1l/100km
        • from134g/km
      • Octavia Wagon
        Octavia Wagon from  $36,900
        Space at its finest
        • ​588 litres of luggage space
        • Wide range of 'Simply Clever' solutions
        • Innovative safety, comfort and driver assistant systems
        • till588l /1718l
        • from4l/100km
        • from104g/km
      • Octavia Wagon RS
        Octavia Wagon RS from  $49,500
        A sporty character and the parameters of a family car
        • Innovative progressive steering
        • 2.0 TSI/162 kW and 2.0 TDI CR DPF/135 kW engines
        • Sporty, roomy, fuctional in perfect balance
        • till588l /1718l
        • from4.6l/100km
        • from119g/km
  • New Yeti
      • New Yeti City
        New Yeti City from  $36,100
        New Yeti
        •  Features a new stylish and elegant design
        •  VarioFlex rear seat system
        •  Umcompromised safety
        • till321l /1485l
        • from6.6l/100km
        • from154g/km
      • New Yeti Outdoor
        New Yeti Outdoor from  $41,400
        New Yeti Outdoor
        •  Features a new rugged and adventurous design
        •  Off-Road system in 4x4 for difficult areas
        •  Uncompromised safety
        • till321l /1485l
        • from5.6l/100km
        • from152g/km
  • Superb
      • Superb Sedan
        Superb Sedan from  $43,900
        A representative, comfortable sedan with the practicality of a liftback
        • ​TwinDoor – the variable opening of the fifth door​
        • Improved engine range that delivers lower emissions
        • Up to 1670 litres of boot space
        • till565l /1670l
        • from5.2l/100km
        • from135g/km
      • Superb Wagon
        Superb Wagon from  $46,900
        An exceptionally elegant and spacious wagon with advanced technology
        • Improved engine range that delivers lower emissions
        • Smooth, comfortable and stylish
        • A luggage compartment up to a volume of 1,835 litres

        • till603l /1835l
        • from5.2l/100km
        • from137g/km

ŠKODA New Zealand

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ŠKODA gets behind the NZ mens sprint cycling team -

​Auckland, 14 November 2014 – The New Zealand sprint cycling team that achieved such amazing results this year have now received strong endorsement from ŠKODA. The car manufacturer has just signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with the team.

Great Result for ŠKODA in the Consumer NZ Car Reliability Survey -

​ŠKODA owners are a satisfied bunch, with 95 percent of those who responded to a Consumer NZ car reliability survey saying they would buy the same make again.