Octavia iV reviews

Cop a load of this - Škoda Octavia RS iV PHEV

Tarmac Life

"It’s a bold move for Škoda to add RS to a PHEV vehicle or vice versa but it’s really paid off. It’s still a thrilling wagon when pushed and yet it’s positively miserly when it comes to using fuel. Seriously, top marks all round."

Road test review: Škoda Octavia RS iV


"But more importantly, they’re the only two PHEV station wagons in New Zealand at the moment, and one of only a handful of wagons left on the market at all."

Škoda Octavia iV RS


"Škoda’s second electrified vehicle is this, the Octavia iV wagon. We take the RS iV variant on an extended drive to check its creds."

Škoda turning its Octavia RS into a PHEV gets top marks


"They are desirable in style, clever in tech and when it comes to performance, the Škoda RS badge ranks very highly. So what happens when you turn an RS Octavia into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)? Well, Škoda NZ thought best we should find out."