SUPERB iV Reviews

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2021 ŠKODA SUPERB iV – launch

"As was usual for any ŠKODA SUPERB, the ride was near on perfect, the car is very refined and our rear-seat passenger was almost sticking his feet straight out in the back. If you haven’t seen the legroom in a ŠKODA SUPERB, you’d be blown away. It’s like a limo back there."

ŠKODA SUPERB iV first drive: electric executive express

"The Superb has always impressed as a refined, pseudo-luxury large car and the iV simply amplifies that impression. It also amplifies an "e-noise" out a speaker at the front in low-speed running as a safety measure (mandatory for Europe), but otherwise it's a genuinely quiet and relaxing executive express."

First drive review: ŠKODA SUPERB iV

"Why would I buy it? You want a capable station wagon that doesn’t cost the earth too badly, or you want an EV without the range anxiety. You also want to trick people into thinking you might be an undercover police officer, like countless Commodore owners have in the past."
Motoring NZ

ŠKODA SUPERB iV first drive review: Ohm land security

"In handling terms, the iV is true to Superb form; steady and solid, with very good ride comfort but not a car to be driven at a great rush. The extra weight is felt and the brake pedal feel during regenerative braking is a bit brusque, but overall it feels beautifully engineered."

First Drive: ŠKODA’s Electrified SUPERB iV Plug-in Hybrid Hits NZ

"Getting behind the wheel of the new electrified Superb iV and actually driving it, I can confirm that it hurtles along a road much like most other Volkswagen Group products. It’s an incredibly clean, refined experience."