Superb reviews

"It's hard to find another combination of large wagon dimensions, appealing specification and all-wheel-drive capability at an equivalent price point."

Superb goes exploring


The Scout is almost the perfect all-rounder. A fantastically-smooth engine which sounds so good when you wind it out, handling, braking, AWD grip, a huge boot, great value and masses of legroom. What’s not to like?

Road test review: Škoda Superb scout


"Of course it comes with all the clever little features that Škoda prides itself on ... but one of the Superb's cleverest trick is all that remarkable interior space."

Estate car of the year 2019: Overall winner

What Car? UK

The Škoda Superb Wagon has been named as the What Car? Estate Car of the Year 2019: overall winner.

Holden out, Škoda in for corporate cabs

Stuff Motoring

"…the car has been a hit with both drivers and passengers"

Škoda Superb Sportline video road report

Company Vehicle Magazine

"The new Sportline variant takes all this excellence and simply makes it even better. And better looking too."

Large car shootout - Superb

Company Vehicle Magazine

"On the road the Škoda continued to impress with a universally praised ride, while the sharp handling and instant responses were described by one judge as 'sublime'."