Octavia Wagon iV
Style and RS

For a limited time our Octavia iV wagon starts from just $66,990.  See our latest promotions below for more details.
PHEV CO₂ emissions2
Electric Range up to2
Electric only Consumption2
Electric only CO₂ Emission2

Latest promotions

Our bestseller, now with plug-in hybrid drive

The Škoda Octavia Wagon iV is our blueprint for the future, offering Style and RS models with plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) drives giving you a dynamic, more sustainable car that meets all your needs. Easy to charge and maintain, the Škoda Octavia iV uses advanced technology to help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. We’re also introducing the Octavia RS iV. With even more power and unique styling features, it gives you superior performance and a genuine presence on any road.

Make way for the Octavia Wagon iV


Highlights of the Octavia Wagon iV

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Connectivity made for eMobility

The new generation infotainment system with wireless charging and SmartLink offers a hassle-free solution for connecting and charging your mobile phone.

All about connectivity

As smart as it looks

Clever detailsBootStorage

Umbrella or hand brush compartment

Integrated funnel

Electric child safety lock

Retractable sun blinds

Automatic retractable cover

Boot nets

Cargo fasteners

Electrically retractable tow bar

Mobile phone pockets

1.5-litre bottle holder (front door)

1.5-litre bottle holder in the rear door

Jumbo box with adjustable armrest

Smart technology

Driver safetyComfort technologyFull LED lightsPassive safety
The range of safety assists has been expanded to include several new state-of-the-art systems.
Don’t fret any longer about parking – you will fit into the tightest of spots at the press of a single button.
The industry-leading LED lighting delivers better performance, lower energy consumption, and new safety functions.
The all-new Octavia Wagon iV's rigid body can be fitted with up to 10 airbags.

Trim level

Octavia Wagon Style iVOctavia Wagon RS iV

Octavia Wagon Style iV

5-year warranty + roadside assistance

Infotainment + Navigation incl. 10" screen

Wireless charging and SMARTLINK

Lane Assist with adaptive lane guidance

Side Assist and Crew Protect Assist


Octavia Wagon RS iV

5-year warranty + roadside assistance

Matrix LED headlights

Progressive steering

RS Sport Suspension


Safety without compromise

The Škoda Octavia Wagon iV has been awarded with the maximum 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests.

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