Superb Wagon

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Fuel Consumption Combined 2
CO₂ Emission2

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Luxury means having what matters

Comfort usually isn’t a metaphor for sportiness. But these two make a thrilling combination inside the Škoda Superb Sportline thanks to its razor-sharp looks, glossy black exterior elements, and a host of specific sport features, including lower chassis and sporty interior. The sporty ride is amplified with a full-range of connectivity and safety equipment, alongside our 2-litre petrol engine, which packs an impressive 206kW punch, delivering an exhilarating drive experience every time. The Škoda Superb Sportline is a car that embraces true luxury with none of the clichés. With a sophisticated design, comfortable technologies, and endless practicality, it’s a car that impresses with everything that matters.

Make way for the Superb Sportline Wagon


Highlights of the Superb Sportline

Connectivity ready to roll

The Superb Sportline’s advanced connectivity will make everyday use of the car easier and provide you with all the support you need to make it to your destination in time and in comfort.

All about connectivity

As smart as it looks

Clever details BootStorage

Electronic child safety lock

Umbrella in door

Ticket holder


Adjustable false boot floor

Flexible organiser

Coat shelf

Jumbo box

Cooled glove compartment

1.5-litre bottle holder in front door

1.5-litre bottle holder in rear door

Smart technology

Driver safetyComfort technologyAdaptive lightsPassive safety
Top-notch assist systems for your travel safety.
Parking made easy. Edge into a tight spot with the press of a button.
Top lighting systems for optimal “see and be seen”.
The Superb Sportline fixed body can accommodate up to 9 airbags.

Trim level



5 years Warranty and roadside assistance

Matrix-LED front lights with highbeam assist

Drive Select with Dynamic Chassis Control

9.2" Navigation Infotainment System

Digital Dash - Digital instrument pannel


What do the experts say?

Superb press reviews

"Effortless performance combined with the Superb's excellent ride and handling prowess. The power comes on smoothly and seamlessly and the big car belts forward when you touch the throttle. The Škoda Superb is an excellent car."
Superb Sportline Wagon accessories brochure
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